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Oral Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Removal 3 Facts to Make you Smile

Written by admin. Posted in Dental extraction waco tx, Dental implants, Same day dental implants

It seems to be the most predominant rite of passage into adulthood for Americans: wisdom tooth removal. In fact, it is done to approximately 5 million people in the U.S., according to the American Public Health Association, with results of 10 million wisdom teeth being removed.

But beyond a rite of passage, wisdom tooth removal is one step in a lifelong process of taking good care of one’s oral health. Good dental habits are highly important to your overall health, and your local dentist would tell you just that.

And most people want to do take care of their teeth. They care about their appearance and how their teeth look, with the people who care about “the look of their teeth” totaling 32%. Of course, it is also true that a bright, healthy smile is a good way to meet people and open new doors for conversation, careers and camaraderie