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How Many Dentists Will Your Family See?

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For your family dental plan, do you pick a specialist for each family member’s needs or do you choose the one closest to home? Tempting as it is to pick the office that is most conveniently located, keep in mind that each individual has a different set of teeth. A family dental office may be able to meet every requirement, or it might not. To find out, you need to know some of the dental procedures your family may need regularly.

Dental Cleanings Are Twice a Year.

Dentists recommend their patients come into the office for a dental cleaning every six months. This helps reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis and cavities. Even using the proper tooth brushing technique recommended by all dental assistants twice a day is not enough on its own.

Early Prevention is the Key to a Healthy


Could a Better Smile Make You Happier?

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Kirkland dentists

When looking for a good dentist, finding an office that offers affordable dental services is a top concern for most. Barring a frantic search for a 24 hour dentist at midnight because you broke your front tooth in an abrupt accident, the cost of financing a more perfect smile may be the deciding factor between seeing one dentist over another.

According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7 Americans feel a nice smile is an important physical asset. Here are a few tips to keep yours looking great.

Other than that 24 hour dentist you had to see because no other dentist was available, how often do you express your dental concerns to y


Are Your Teeth Causing You Migraines? Common Causes of Severe Headaches

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Oral hygiene products

Everyone knows that brushing is essential for tooth and gum health, but one out of five teens does not know about their cavities or gum problems. In fact, about one-quarter of all adults have not treated their tooth decay and approximately double that number are suffering from gum disease, often untreated.

Thankfully, many schools are channeling their students into early-intervention dental programs, complete with free sealants that are proving to be very effective against cavities. The proper use of dental sealants at an early age can knock out over half of childhood cavities, and parents are applauding.

Flossing at an early age can also help prevent
dental problem