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Are Your Teeth Causing You Migraines? Common Causes of Severe Headaches

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Everyone knows that brushing is essential for tooth and gum health, but one out of five teens does not know about their cavities or gum problems. In fact, about one-quarter of all adults have not treated their tooth decay and approximately double that number are suffering from gum disease, often untreated.

Thankfully, many schools are channeling their students into early-intervention dental programs, complete with free sealants that are proving to be very effective against cavities. The proper use of dental sealants at an early age can knock out over half of childhood cavities, and parents are applauding.

Flossing at an early age can also help prevent
dental problem


Why So Serious? Crack that Grin!

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Everybody wants a beautiful smile. It’s how you introduce yourself to the world, before first words are ever spoken in greeting. But sometimes life has an interesting way about it, and whether it’s an accident, a fight, a fall, or old age, we are all susceptible to losing a tooth or two. And even if you decide to own your new smile, it is indeed different than it once was. If you do decide you want your old smile back, you are in luck, because the technology that we have available to us today allows just that. Though there are currently only about 10% of the dentists working in the U.S. today who execute dental implant procedures, the c


3 Tips To Limit The Orthodontist Appointments In Your Child’s Life

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A lot of people, especially in middle class America, see regular trips to the orthodontist as a right of passage early in life. It seems like every other child has braces in holiday colors or some kind of dentist head gear before the age of thirteen. But for those of us who might not be able to afford an orthodontist for impulse invisalign or teeth straightening, there are a few things you can do to lower the chances of your child needing an expensive orthodontist procedure down the road:

1. Enforce Good Tooth Hygiene
By this we mean, teach your child how to brush and floss twice a day and finish off with mouthwash each time. According to statistics, fully one