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Are You Satisfied When You Look in the Mirror?

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Do you know someone who can walk in the room and command the attention of everyone present? You know, that person, who without saying a word, makes others drop a conversation in mid-sentence simply because of his and her presence. Good hair. Good looks. Good boy. Great smile. Have you ever thought that the most beautiful people have a perfect smile that broadcasts their arrival?

You, on the other hand, do not enjoy seeing your reflection in the mirror. Even though you have lost those last 15 pounds that you have been trying to shed, you are not quite satisfied with the image that looks back at you? Even when your latest workout routine has produced the results that you want, and even when your latest haircut, color and style are looking its best, sometimes you realize that you still have work to do on your a


You’ll Want to Floss After You Read This

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The importance of brushing your teeth is known to most Americans, to the extent that it a part of their daily routine. Even so, it’s estimated that one quarter of adults in the US suffer from unknown cavities.

Did you know that flossing and brushing are much more effective than brushing alone? While brushing will take care of most of your dental hygiene, you need flossing to clean one third of your mouth.

Using floss or dental floss picks is a necessary and important process in cleaning your teeth, and statistics show that most people living in the US don’t seem to understand that: in fact, nearly 4 out of 5 Americans are affected by gum disease. Most don’t realize that flossing should begin when you have two teeth that can touch each other —


The Top 4 Questions About Bruxism `

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If you suffer from bruxism — more commonly known as teeth grinding — it’s important to realize that you definitely aren’t alone, and that it’s a very treatable condition if you receive the proper care.

Here are a few of the most common questions that people have regarding this dental health condition:

  • What causes bruxism? There are many factors that can lead to teeth grinding: stress and anxiety are typically the most common reasons why someone might develop the condition, and anyone suffering from other sleep-related disorders, like sleep apnea, are at risk of developing the problem too.
  • How is it diagnosed? The problem with teeth grinding is that it oft