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Without Her Smile, Mona Lisa Would Just Be Another Painting

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Family and cosmetic dentistry

Our smiles are one of our most powerful and important social tools. Not only has a great smile been shown to help ward against depression and secure a job, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that 96% of men and women believe a great smile is the key to being found attractive by a potential mate. Clearly, having beautiful, pearly whites, whether you’ve had cosmetic dental work or you’re naturally pristine, is one of the keys to a happy life.

Now, some people believe the importance placed on a smile is just the result of great marketing by dental cosmetics companies. After all, as statistics from IBIS World show, dentists specializing in cosmetic dental work in the U.


Three Ways to Get More Affordable Cosmetic Dental Treatments

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Liberty what is a mini dental implant

As much as a patient might need cosmetic dental surgery, he or she is likely reluctant to get the treatment needed. Even if they were to find the best dentist prices, many dental patients in America think that they still couldn’t make things work within their budgets. Thankfully, these naysayers are mistaken. There are plenty of ways to get much needed cosmetic dental treatments at affordable rates!

Here are a few tips to help.

1. Get Insurance.

If you don’t already have insurance, you need to get some. While most dental plans don’t necessarily cover cosmetic dental treatments, the lines between medical dental practices and cosme


Missing Teeth? Consider Mini Dental Implants

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Richland dental implant centre

According the IBIS World research, the cosmetic dental industry in the United States generates an estimated $4 billion in revenue. This industry also employs an estimated 42,664 people throughout the United States. It is also expected to grow by 1.8% each year in the United States.
These figures show that many people are seeking the services of cosmetic dental professionals. Many of them are seeking solutions for missing teeth. According to AAID, 30 million Americans are missing their teeth in either one or both jaws. One great solution is the mini dental implant.
Dental implants are the only cosmetic dental procedure that preserves and stimulates the growth of natural bone. The procedure of mini dental implants is actually quite interesting.
Tiny posts usually made of titanium are placed into t