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Got Crooked Teeth? Consider All On Four Implants

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If you wear dentures or are missing several teeth, your self-confidence may suffer, and you may have trouble enjoying the foods you want. If you want to change your smile, all on four dental implants may be for you.

All on four was developed in the 1990s and essentially rehabilitates the edulentous region of your mouth by placing four implants where bone density is highest, then using those implants to support a fixed prosthesis of 12-14 teeth.

Using this procedure, dentists can replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth with only four dental implants which act as pillars for the bridge of prosthetic teeth.

The procedure is primarily for patients experiencing extensive tooth decay or tooth loss, or who are unsatisfied with their dentures.

How can all on four impla


Are Stars Using To Whiten Their Teeth?

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Cosmetic dentistry costs

Are you ready for some of the most bizarre cosmetic dentistry trends? People from all over the world are getting a little strange, especially when it comes to their teeth. You will be shocked by how Japan challenges Western ideals of beauty, and you may be put off by the trick celebrities are using to permanently whiten their teeth, too.

Japanese Women Are Paying For That!?

Japanese women are paying cosmetic dental associates and family dentists to alter their teeth in some shocking ways. One of the biggest trends currently sweeping through Japan — a trend called yaeba teeth — entails undergoing cosmetic dental procedures that will actually bend perfectly straight teeth. Women


Getting Your Smile Back

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a mouth. There’s gum disease, genetic disease, accidents, neglect, substance abuse, poor nutrition… any and all of these things by themselves can damage your teeth and wreck your gums — and quite often these causes occur in groups rather than just by themselves (for example, trauma that might not damage a healthy tooth could easily knock out a tooth whose root has been weakened).

But thanks to advances in modern technology and techniques, there is literally no dental problem that can’t be fixed. Discolored teeth, damaged teeth… even completely missing teeth… all can be repaired, strengthened, or replaced, to give you the best smile of your life.

Discoloration. Certain substances — like coffee, tea, and cigarettes —